Oct 26

Those Comic Strips on Facebook Explained

Bitstrips, an app for Facebook and smartphones that lets you create single-panel comics, has only recently exploded in popularity, but is already just as annoying as classically irritating apps such as Farmville, Candy Crush Saga, Vine, and Instagram

Here I am bringing you the news in real life and in a Bitstrip. (Source: Tanita Gaither/Bitstrips for Android). The Ohio State Marching Band executed a stellar performance on a show dedicated to the late King of Pop. (Source: Buckeye TV/Ohio State 

That is what a Bitstrips comic looks like, and Bitstrips have become insanely popular lately. While the Bitstrips website has been around for years, it has really taken off since launching apps on the Apple App Store and Google 

We always like to bring readers news on popular apps and at the moment there's a lot of interest in the Bitstrips app. This will provide plenty of entertainment as the Bitstrips app for Android and iPhone enables users to create 

And making a Bitstrip through the apps or Facebook couldn't be easier. If you're on your phone, sign in with your Facebook username and start designing the cartoon version of you. Give yourself a good hair style, put on some makeup (if that's your